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Five Kitchen Decoration Ideas When On A Budget

Posted by A.Pillai on 6/19/2018 to Inspiration for your home

At some point, your kitchen- whether new or used- will need some decorating. If you are on a budget, this can be a costly activity that keep getting pushed forward to further dates waiting for money that never comes. The busy schedule does not also allow you time off for your kitchen remodeling. Given your kitchen a new look does not always have to be an expensive affair though. Even if you can’t afford the exotic look you saw on a magazine, these five ideas will help you remodel your kitchen without spending much while at it;

Work with color

Working around with colors is the secret to giving your kitchen a new look without spending much on remodeling it. If the kitchen walls will take up a huge budget to repaint or the paint is still in great shape, then work on repainting the cabinets and the counters. Color has often been used to make a statement and your kitchen should be no exception. If you can find a painter who can experiment with colors and come up with a breathtaking result, the happier you will be.

What do you notice first when you get into your kitchen?

If there’s something you consistently notice first when you get into your kitchen, chances are that others notice it too. Give it priority. Do not however put too much emphasis into it such that the value of other areas around the kitchen is diminished.

Try open shelves

Open shelves are the latest fad when it comes to kitchen decoration. It is easy to understand why- it gives the kitchen a great visual look. It also eliminates cabinets and creates space. After you are done with the colors and retouching other elements of the kitchen, consider adding open shelves to the list. Open shelves can be used to keep frequently used equipment such as the Mortar And Pestle. You will still need one or two cabinets for the kitchenware that need to be stored away.Open shelves are very easy to build- you just need to bring down the doors of some cabinets, especially the upper cabinets.

Turn the kitchen wall into a gallery

This will make your kitchen interesting to be in and a constant reminder of the things that bring joy into your life. You can use pieces of art, framed family photos or any artwork that pleases you for the wall gallery. There are absolutely no boundaries, as long as it is beautiful and makes you happy. Thishowever needs to be well-thought of and planned ahead or else you could end up with a jungle of artwork on your kitchen wall.

Use chalkboard paint to personalize the kitchen

Black is a very bold color. Black chalkboard paint can create a powerful background for your artwork wall gallery and make your kitchen look great. Besides, a can of such paint is relatively cheap in the market. The entire wall does not need to go black though, just areas that need a bold statement. Even the surface of a cabinet can do.

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