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PILLOW CARE – How to Clean Your Pillows

Posted by Administrator on 4/1/2013 to Pillow Maintainence

Your pillows get quite a beating on a daily basis – people leaning, sitting, throwing and wiping things on them. Eventually they will need to be cleaned to get rid of stains, spots, dust and odors that can breed bacteria.

The cleaning of your pillows will depend on the fabric on your pillows so ensure that you read through the cleaning instructions on the tags of your pillows before you get started on cleaning it.

Simple Wash - It is beyond simply throwing it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, cold water and then dry it out in the dryer. This works on some materials, but this might not if it is stained.

How do you clean pillow covers?
 Simple Pillow Covers - If you have pillow covers it is even better because they can be washed separately – ensure that the zips are all zipped up! .  If you pillow covers is made from polyester fabric , just machine wash . Cotton and hand loom pillows last longer if hand washed. Silk pillow covers might need to be sent to the dry cleaners. Take note that tossing  pillow cases in the dryer may shrink it, so we suggest line drying.

Fancy Pillows - If your pillow has elaborate detailing (embroidery or embellishments) it may not be suitable for the washing machine. Stains (food + drink) will have to be spot-cleaned with a gentle detergent. 

How do you clear poly fill pillows?

Other Materials - Polyester and fiber-filled pillows and Inserts with cotton or polyester covers wash well in the washing machine. However, some throw pillows can’t be washed, including those made of silk, suede or leather. These should be taken to the dry cleaners. If you have foam pillows they can be washed. If the filler is actually solid foam, take it out and soak it in a sink in warm water using a gentle detergent. Rinse the foam until the water runs clean and squeeze out excess water. Let the foam air dry. Don’t put it in the dryer. Make sure that the pillow is completely dried out in a well-ventilated area to avoid dampness and mildew odors.

How do you Clean Down fill pillows?
Down fill pillows - While down fill pillows are wonderfully fluffy , you need to be careful when cleaning them . Take the covers off ( make sure you fix any rips on the pillow before washing) , place about two pillows in the washing machine with a mild detergent and wash in cold water on  gentle cycle. The washed down pillows will smell strong at first but this will go away when dry. To dry the pillow, place it with two tennis balls in the dryer and dry on the lowest temperature setting. The pillow will generally be dry after two or three cycles. You might need to fluff your pillow after each cycle.

When to throw your pillows out - As much as cleaning your pillows efficiently over the years keep them lasting longer, it is important to identify the state that they are in and know when it is time to replace them. If they are smelly, lacking shape or torn ( and you can't fix them) it is better to throw them out.

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